Little boxes

Small tool box (repaired mitre joint on bottom right)

There’s always a new challenge in joinery; having mastered completed some big, bold dovetails in hardwood (mahogany), the next two projects involved making some much smaller ones in softwood (Canadian pine). It sounds easier, but it isn’t. Cutting a dovetail in softwood is a bit like cutting it in polystyrene. It breaks away, and you end up with something that doesn’t look very precise at all. Like all good carpenters I decided that the best thing to do was to blame the tools, so I switched from my trusty tenon saw to a Japanese dozuki saw with a blade like a razor blade. Unfortunately, like all saws, it only does what its user makes it do. My first indication that the wood demon had struck again was Jon saying “where is the mitre joint?”. On the floor of the joinery shop, that’s where. Time to reach for the cascamite; if you squint you can hardly see the join. I need to tame the dozuki or make friends with my tenon saw again.

Tool tray with handle based on two £1 coins and a bent bit of plywood.


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