First day in the new office

My new desk

Well the first day went quickly. No messing around, a quick introduction and we were sharpening our blades, planing a true edge on some pine and mahogany and cutting a recess to join them together. I learned how to plane with the grain (I was never quite sure what I was looking for before), and the essentials of blade sharpening. If we can keep this pace going I’ll be building boats in no time. In fact it will be about 12 weeks time, all being well, that we’ll be able to graduate from the joinery workshop to the boat shed and have our first taste of real boat-building.


5 thoughts on “First day in the new office

  1. Charles and James! Such teasing… I expected better of you! Still, though, the pen’s presence raises an interesting point; you can take the boy out of Pole Star, but you can’t always take all of the Pole Star out of the boy…

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